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Practice Happily,
Speak Naturally!

Getting the right place to learn and gain confidence in your English is something You can learn everywhere, but it can be difficult to find one. 

We're here for you to enjoy your English learning journey with our fun daily sessions, yet still focus on improving your skill through real-life dialogues.

Learning English is Fun!

Daily Session

Our usual session from Monday to Thursday. We’ll divide you into several breakout rooms consist of 4-5 people and you’ll have your free space and time to talk about everything with your moderator and new friends within an hour.

Daily Session

Learning Material

To improve your English skills and speaks naturally on your daily basis, we’ll provide you with some new expressions, vocabulary, idiom, and many more materials. And we’ll always encourage you to use it in the breakout room so you can always ask some feedbacks from your moderator and friends.

Learning Material
Group 542.png

Friday Special

It’s our special session at the end of the week. Yeay! We’ll have various themes and play games to level up your English experience. Well, after all, it’s always fun to learn English. So, don’t miss your chance!

Friday Special

Not Just Fun, 
But Also Easy!

Learning English with us is not just fun, but also easy! All you need is just an internet connection, Zoom account, and you’re good to go!

We get you, through this hard time of the pandemic, you want to meet new people, but with ChitChatClub, it’s always been so easy for us to meet new friends here!

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